Our Vision
To lead the development and marketing of innovative and advanced therapeutic products in the fields of health, sport, beauty and wellbeing with contribution to healing and improving how people feel. We aspire to take proven technologies and devices, which are utilized and commonplace in professional treatment environments and make them accessible and available for further treatment in every home in order to improve the quality of life for customers in Israel and around the world.
We require excellence from each and every one of our employees, who are leaders in their area of responsibility. The Company Vision inspires all of our staff, uniting and motivating towards the important objectives of our activities. We operate with a commitment to our goals and strategies. We are constantly developing our ability to implement our strategies, while withstanding internal and external challenges. 
We make sure to be at the cutting edge of technological development in the field of soft lasers, serving as a forerunner in the market. We demand of ourselves to be the very best in our area of expertise, to be constantly progressing and leading the market in which we operate. We select and enlist the best people to join our ranks and invest in training and practice, workshops and seminars for all our professional teams. We are committed to innovation for the purpose of fulfilling our customers’ dreams and are ceaselessly intent on improving our technology.
All Company products meet the required standards and have passed strict tests of efficiency and stringent quality assurance and control procedures. Our products are meticulously examined for safe use and protection of the environment, and have not been tested on animals. The Company’s products are approved by the European Union and have ISO Standard 13485:2003 approval. 
We work continuously to maintain the value of our consistency and reliability, to comply with the terms of agreements with our customers, suppliers and colleagues.
We are meticulous in maintaining the highest standard of client service, from the first stage of recommending the appropriate device for treating the specific medical problem, and through support of the patients as necessary in order to ensure they achieve significant improvement in their condition and to assist them in returning to their normal daily activities.
The Peak of Technology 
B-Cure Laser products are renowned in the field of soft laser technology in Israel and abroad, for being the only products that deliver the power of the stationary machines used in pain clinics using our registered patent - a coherent laser beam of 4.5 square centimeters.
Certificates of Approval and Standards 
The Erika Carmel Company Ltd. is approved for the ISO 9001: 2008 ISO standard and the Company's products are marketed under approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health.
In addition to the advanced and safe technology of our products, Erika Carmel offers meticulous professional service to our customers, offering expert and excellent response for all needs of patients and clients using the Company’s products.