Company Growth
In 2009 the Company initiated its activities in Israel with the first product: B-Cure Laser. The Company’s main challenge was to educate the market concerning this new concept – that pain can be efficiently treated by using a domestic medical device, rather than through use of creams or pills, which for the most part have only a limited, temporary effect.
During our first year we presented B-Cure Laser to friends and acquaintances and of course to doctors and therapists. Very soon we were getting excited calls telling us about the significant recovery and improvement these first patients were experiencing. Rumors about the product reached the national newspapers. Use of B-Cure Laser expanded; there was increased interest by doctors requesting the product, whether for their own personal use or for the purpose of recommending the device to their patients.  Many doctors and patients wrote to us very excited about the significant improvement in their pain relief and returning to their daily routine.
B-Cure Laser was established as a leading medical device for use in the home. 
In 2010 we began marketing B-Cure Laser in the international market – South Africa, Germany and Spain and then in many other countries such as Australia, Britain, Italy, Slovakia and others.
In 2013 we launched the B-Cure Laser Dental Pro, which was more powerful than the B-Cure Laser. The technically improved specs were adapted to the needs of patients undergoing dental procedures such as - implants, periodontal surgery and other ongoing treatments, as well as for patients suffering from TMJ – Jaw Joint Disorder.
In 2014 we launched the B-Cure Laser Sport Pro, the device which thanks to its success in treating professional athletes, has been chosen to be used as the official medical device for treating the athletes on the Israeli Olympic team for Rio 2016.
In 2015 we launched the B-Cure Laser Sport, designed for the general public, youth and adults, suffering from acute or chronic sports injuries. 
During 2015-2016 we are broadening our knowledge through research in Israel and other countries across the globe. These studies will, in coming years, assist us in bringing the B-Cure Laser message to more homes and more patients whose current treatments are not meeting their needs.