What is Soft Laser Technology?
LLLT – Low Level Laser Therapy - Soft Laser, also known as Cold Laser, is energy of low intensity light.
Soft laser is low powered laser light ranging between 1-1000 mw monochromatic – with a single specified advanced – one phase, one way coherent wavelength. The Soft Laser works on the skin surface, while simultaneously penetrating deeply through the skin tissue with no heating effect and without damaging the skin.
The use of Soft Laser in modern medicine actually began when a Hungarian doctor managed to heal patients suffering from ulcers caused by problems in blood vessels, which were treated unsuccessfully till then.
In the past twenty years, Soft Laser Therapy has been in wide use in Israel and around the world in hospitals, universities, clinics and leading medical institutes and still, it is inaccessible to the majority of the population and therefore does not allow for the continuous treatment desirable for effective results in a short period of time. 
Today, B-Cure Laser is bringing about a breakthrough in laser therapy by combining the power of professional laser machines found in clinics, with a light weight, portable and chargeable device which anyone can purchase and use comfortably. B-Cure Laser has transformed laser therapy into an accessible and highly efficient treatment for everyone, since the patient can use the device himself on a daily basis, several times a day as needed. 
The B-Cure Laser device is based on development patented in Israel, which has made a breakthrough in Israel and abroad. The technology of Soft Laser treatment rouses the body’s natural healing mechanisms by stimulating cellular activity, strengthening intercellular communication and stimulating the blood flow. 
The result: reducing pain and inflammation while stimulating the natural healing mechanism of the body and assisting in solving the source of the problem. 
B-Cure Laser is safe for use at home and self treatment with the device is convenient and easy, without risk or any known side effects.