Scar Prevention Using Laser-Assisted Skin Healing (LASH) in Plastic Surgery
Initial studies have raised the possibility that Soft Laser may reduce scarring if used immediately after plastic surgery. This study proves the efficacy of Soft Laser in reducing scar tissue after plastic surgery.
The effect of 670-nm low laser therapy on herpes simplex type 1.
This study examines the effect of Soft Laser treatment on Herpes Simplex. The results are clearly evident showing definitive results of Soft laser treatment with no visible side effects.
Light therapy in the treatment of acne vulgaris.
This study examines the effectiveness of Soft Laser treatment on acne also studying its effect on the patients. The study proves that Soft Laser treatment is effective for treating inflamed acne and proves that this treatment is safe and has no side effects whatsoever.
Effect of low-level laser therapy on types I and III collagen and inflammatory cells in rats with induced third-degree burns.
The use of Soft Laser in the treatment of infected wounds and third degree burns has increased over the past few years. This study examines the effect of Soft Laser treatment on the healing of tissue after third degree burns. The findings of this study show a definite retardation in the inflammatory process and general amelioration and improvement of third degree burns.
Low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) in skin: stimulating, healing, restoring.
The Soft Laser has a positive effect on wrinkles, acne and scars and the healing of burns. It is a non-invasive treatment and the fact that this treatment is devoid of side effects, encourages examination into further use in the field of dermatology.
Effect of laser (670Nm) on healing of wounds covered with occlusive dressings: A Histological and Biomechanical analysis
The following study analyzes the effect of Soft Laser on the process of healing surgical wounds which have occlusive dressings. The findings of this study show that the occlusive dressing did not prevent the full benefit of the Soft Laser and that there is an improvement in the healing process of the wounds, regardless of the dressing