B-Cure Laser treatment for rotator-cuff tear
Dr. Ami Eyal: A 65 year old patient diagnosed with a full tear of the right Supraspinatus tendon and a smaller central tear of the left Supraspinatus tendon.
B-Cure Laser treatment for frozen shoulder syndrome
Dr. Omer Hirsch: A 45 YO woman with extreme limited movement of her left shoulder - sudden onset frozen shoulder, resulting from unknown causes
B-Cure Laser treatment for ischias and disc problems
Dr. Yossi Reuven: A 60 year old athlete who rides a bike daily suffering from lower back pain and difficulty using the abductor tendons
B-Cure Laser treatment for Groin pain and lateral foot
Dr. Ami Eyal: An 18 year old professional dancer with pain in her left groin and her left lateral foot.
B-Cure Laser treatment for knee pain
Dr. Yossi Reuven: A 41 year old, active physical worker, suffering from joint pain.
B-Cure Laser treatment for back pain
Dr. Yossi Reuven: Combatant soldier aged 19 suffering from Erector Spinae inflammation, as a result of long term carrying of heavy weights
B-Cure Laser treatment for femoral Femoral cyst in the right hip joint, evident subchondral edema
Dr. Yossi Reuven: A 54 year old woman suffers from pain in the hip joint and limited movement during prolonged standing
B-Cure Laser treatment for Hallux Valgus and heal spur
Dr. Yossi Reuven: patient aged 82 with acute big toe joint pain – Hallux Valgus Also localized pain in the Calcaneus (heal bone) apparently a spur.
B-Cure Laser treatment for Hip and lower back pain
Dr. Yossi Reuven: Femoral Arthritis, L3-L4 prolapsed disc, S1-L5- prolapsed disc with directional changes
B-Cure Laser treatment for elbow injury
Dr. Ami Eyal: A 19 year old girl with left elbow fixed with a sling at 160 degrees following damage from a fall
B-Cure Laser treatment for Achilles injury
Dr. Ami Eyal: A 29 year old basket ball player with pain in the left Achilles tendon after falling on the foot in a game.
B-Cure Laser treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)
Dr. Ami Eyal: A patient whose job is computer programming, with chronic pain in the base of his right thumb. Examination showed sensitivity and pain to the touch throughout his hand.
B-Cure Laser treatment for chronic knee pain
Dr. Omer Hirsch: The results indicate the efficacy of the use of B-Cure Laser Sport Pro in treating chronic knee pain
B-Cure Laser treatment for Tennis elbow
Dr. Omer Hirsch: The results show the efficacy of treatment with the B-Cure Laser Pro for patients with wrist pain, particularly in combinations with chiropractics and Dry Needling (IMS)
B-Cure Laser treatment for rehabilitation after severe knee injury
Dr. Luba Galitzkaya: An Olympic gymnast aged 17 hurt her knee coming off the beam. She was diagnosed with a tear to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament
B-Cure Laser treatment for rehabilitation after ankle injuries
Dr. Luba Galitzkaya, the Wingate Institute: An Olympic athlete with repeating ankle sprains and an Olympic athlete with a tear to her fascia planter
Treatment for acute hand contusion
Dr. Jacob Hans: Treatment of a 6 year old boy (physicians' son) with a deep wound in his hand
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Dr. Jacob Hans: A 69 year old woman treated with B-Cure laser for chronicc wrist inflammation
Hip and groin pain
Dr. Jacob Hans: Treatment of a 56 YO woman suffering from pain in the hip and in the groin
Knee pain
Dr. Jacob Hans: Treatment of 70 YO woman suffering from chronic knee pain
Lower back and shoulder pain
Dr. Jacob Hans: Treatment of 73 YO man suffering from acute back pain and chronic shoulder pain
Post surgical lumbar spine pain
Dr. Jacob Hans: Treatment of 55 YO man suffering from pain post surgical, at levels L4-L5