A recent study conducted at an important institute for Sports medicine proves – drastic reduction of pain levels within 7 days of treatment of knee injuries.

Do you engage in Sports as a means for maintaining a fit, healthy and shapely body? All doctors will support and encourage you to do so. However, in many cases intensive and enjoyable physical activity may cause pain in the knees or back, ankle injuries, strain or tearing of tendons, muscles and ligaments.

The innovative B-Cure Laser SPORT efficiently treats acute and chronic injuries that are characteristic of professional and amateur Sports, such as strained shoulder muscles, neck pain, lower and upper back pain, thigh ligament injuries, pain in the knees, pain along the shins, in the wrists, inflamed tendons, tennis elbow, torn ligaments etc. In addition to treating the pain, use of the device expedites and stimulates the process of natural healing of the body for a faster return to routine training.

In 2014 the Israeli Olympic Committee and senior physiotherapists in Israel chose B-Cure Laser SPORT as the official medical device for the Israeli Olympic Team for the 2016 games in Rio. "B-Cure Laser Sport is recommended by our Elite athletes who are very pleased with its effective results" Gili Lustig, CEO of the Israeli Olympic Committee.

B-Cure Laser SPORT reduces pain and treats inflammation by means of 6-8 minute treatments, twice a day. The device is compact (only 173 gr.) and convenient to use anywhere, anytime, to maintain the continuity of daily treatment to achieve superior results.

A new study conducted at the Russian Federal Medical and Biological Institute of Sports Medicine (FMBA) examined the efficacy of B-Cure Laser SPORT in treating professional athletes’ knee injuries and osteoarthritis - resulting from strain and erosion. The study found that the B-Cure Laser SPORT was highly effective in almost complete elimination of symptoms of knee pain in the athletes who participated in the study.

The 20 participants in the study suffering from osteoarthritis in the knees or from other knee injuries were members of Russian teams engaged in a variety of Sports including: football, basketball, rugby and wrestling. 

Analysis of the study data indicates that after only 7 days of using the device, there was an average of a dramatic 50% reduction in the pain level of the participants. After 14 days the results were even more noteworthy showing a 90% reduction in pain levels. This is an extraordinary result when compared to treatment with medication and other therapies usually recommended for osteoarthritis.

Tens of thousands of people in the world are already enjoying the advantages of B-Cure Laser Sport. B-Cure Laser is successfully exported to many countries around the world including England, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, South Africa, Australia and many others.

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