B-Cure Laser, a medical device for domestic use, succeeds in significantly reducing pain while treating source of the problem. What do doctors and specialists say? It works and is clinically proven  
The direction that a person’s body takes when there is damage that doesn’t heal completely and then becomes chronic, is one of continuous decline and loss of functionality and the results may affect the person both physically and emotionally. This functional decline may result from an acute incident such as a fall or an accident that causes a break, a fracture, or a torn muscle, ligament or tendon which never properly healed, or it may be the result of erosion over time which is exacerbated by the aging process, becoming more and more painful, till it is difficult to functional on a daily basis. 
Chronic pain in certain areas of the body: back ache, shoulder aches, neck ache, knee and foot aches etc., can have a seriously detrimental effect on one’s life. According to various studies, one third of the western world’s population suffers from chronic pain and in the United States; approximately 50 million people suffer from partial or complete disability due to chronic pain. 
Acute pain usually entails damage to tissue, such as a back injury or a sprained ankle. Pain that continues over a number of months is considered chronic pain. By definition, any injury to the body is supposed to heal within 3-6 months. In situations where the pain continues, or rather – where the brain continues to generate a feeling of pain, the challenge is no longer in dealing with the initial injury, but a problem of nerve conduction of pain. This is a far more complex issue to manage. 
Taking medication can help up to a point, as one cannot take pain killers forever, both because their efficacy is reduced through usage, and because it is not recommended for health reasons. The possibility of surgery might be brought to the table, but in many cases, it is found that second and third opinions will not concur regarding the possibility of surgery completely solving the problem of the pain. 
In recent years, there is a laser device that is being marketed in Israel under the name of B-Cure Laser, which treats pain and actually assists in solving the source of the problem. 
For whom is B-Cure Laser intended?
B-Cure Laser is intended for people suffering from orthopedic problems and acute or chronic pain, inflammations and wounds, back pain, knee pain, arthritis, muscle pain, tennis elbow, wrist inflammation, sores and infections anywhere in the body. The device can be used to treat all of these conditions, supporting the treatment of inflammation and reducing pain – assisting in the return to everyday activities. 
The following is an excerpt from the review of treatment with the B-Cure Laser, by a senior physician, an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in rehabilitation:
 “In light of the literature from the many studies carried out on the effects of soft laser treatment in the past twenty years, and considering my own experience with the device, following is a list of the indications recommended to be treated with B-Cure Laser: treatment of inflamed tendons, treatment of arthritis-small joint inflammation, treatment of acute contusions, treatment of non-specific back and neck pain, treatment of conditions of chronic bio chemical damage, treatment of hard to heal wounds”. 
 How does the technology of the B-Cure Laser treat chronic pain?
Pain reduction
B-Cure Laser encourages the release of endorphins, which are the natural hormones produced by the brain which relieve pain. The endorphins reduce the intensity of the pain felt by the patient. Without pain, the patient can return to a routine and increase functionality until reaching full capacity. 
Treating the source of the problem 
B-Cure Laser reduces production of inflammatory mediators and symptoms of inflammation – redness, swelling and pain, gradually disappear. A process of accelerated healing of the affected area proceeds using the natural self-healing properties of the body. 
Arouses the affected area to heal itself 
In many cases unremitting pain is a result of pressure on the nerve fibers. This pressure causes swelling, edema and inflammation around the affected area. B-Cure Laser enlarges the blood and lymphatic vessels, thus facilitating the filtering and cleansing of the inflamed area and the edema.  This releases the pressure on the nerve. Reduction of the pressure leads to reducing the level of pain while allowing the blood and lymphatic vessels to pump the energy needed to heal the affected area.